Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Workout Wednesday: My Coaching Experience

Coaching was never something I thought I'd do. Sure, I'm a teacher but teaching and coaching aren't always synonymous. A big problem in schools is the need for coaches, at all levels, and having no other choice but to hire folks with little to no experience. Sometimes you get good ones, sometimes you don't. I participated in athletics in middle and high school. I would not go so far as to classify myself as an athlete, but I participated. I loved sports but didn't have the access to them my kids have, nor did I have the excellent leaders and sportsmen & women my kids have had the good fortune of learning from through their time in athletics. It has only been since I went on to college and found my love of personal fitness that I have really delved into find my competitive spirit and passion for helping others learn the fundamentals of sport and wellness.Teaching & watching the kids show good sportsmanship and improved fundamentals are what drive me to continue to learn and grow. Over the weekend I taught my oldest an alternate form for one of his weight lifting moves that I learned from doing P90X. Two weeks ago one of my cross country kids ran the entire course (3k meters) for the first time without walking! That was awesome! She was thrilled (so was I)! She told me after practice she couldn't have done it the week before, and No way she could have today without learning how to pace her steps with her breathing or without all of the core and stretching we've done. This past Monday we ran a 5K. This same kiddo came up to me after practice beaming. She'd never attempted a 5K before. Even I ran it without struggle. Proof that all we have been doing- stretching, core, sprint workouts, cross training, recovery days, my home workouts in my living room or classroom after practice- all pay off.  Again, all these things I've learned from my own personal running and Beachbody journey. 

Truth time: I mentioned yesterday I've been spending time reflecting and refocusing my energy on the things within my control. I realized I've been squandering this gift God has given me for the last year. #facepalm I am passionate about health, fitness and overall wellness. I love sharing my knowledge with others. I have this amazing opportunity with Beachbody to share health and fitness with others but I'm letting fear stand in the way. Its time to step up my game, get right with myself and do this as it needs to be done. I'm pushing past the fear and going to an uncomfortable place. Yesterday I purchased my very own website domain name. YIKES!! I'm in the process of setting things up now and hope to have it up and running by Monday. That does mean The Milkhouse Door will be changing or perhaps going on hiatus once my new site gets going. My focus when I started this blog was different than what my current focus. I'm super excited to see what the future has to bring for me and my family. 

Above all I am a coach and I am here to help you achieve goals you never thought possible. I'm really excited and a lot nervous for the changes coming in. I'm ready to take the leap and invest in this the way I have deep down wanted to since I signed up a year ago. After all, you only get out of something what you put in it. I'm all in. 

Will you join me?

Sign up for a FREE Beachbody account here (Click the JOIN TEAM BEACHBODY link) and let's see what we can accomplish together!

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