Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's Never Too Late

Sadness. Despair. Fear. Darkness.

Thanks. Hope. Faith. Light.

The recent events across the world have sparked heated debate over the last week. How many of the words in the first line hit home for each one of us in the last few days? So many feelings felt, fears expressed, prayers uttered. I feel myself washed in sadness, not only for those affected by tragedy and destruction, but also for those closed minded individuals who chose to speak before thinking, reacting out of fear rather than in Faith.

Do you know what is most amazing to me? These people, so terribly torn apart by horrific acts, remain in the streets mourning, reflecting, even celebrating. Celebrating the lives of those friends and family members lost. It seems unfathomable, yet comforting.  We're seeing people flipping the bad guys the bird by refusing to live in fear.

Watching, listening, digesting all of the information has done two things for me; it's sparked deep sadness for those reacting so negatively and hatefully toward others different than we, average American citizens, and turned me toward my own faith to find peace and understanding.

Some folks see life more positively than others. They're blessed with the glass half full mentality.  I think it's only human nature to lose focus and get bogged down in the constant trivial garbage thrown at us all day everyday. Screaming kids, less than ideal work conditions, political red tape, bills to pay, not having enough time to get everything done... All.of.the.things! Life is overwhelming to say the least.

One thing my faith shows me each and every day- it's up to me to see the good in every situation. No matter how bad things seem, I can choose to take a step back and look at all the blessings in my life. People I love have passed on, and I miss them terribly, but I was blessed to have them in my life. On of my favorite workout instructors reminds us in several of her DVD's that we aren't promised tomorrow and it's up to us to make the most of each and every day. It's ridiculous to sit in fear, to worry about what others think of us and keep us from feeling confident, to let that fear make us feel less than worthy, and to miss out on those things in life that are most important.

So you know that goal you have for yourself? Take the first step. It's never too late to begin.

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